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About our undies

What materials are moonful briefs made from?

Moonful uses high quality natural fabrics composed of REACH certified cotton, elastane, nylon, polyester and pul (laminated polyurethane) to create extremely comfortable and practical underwear. In addition, our panties do not contain nanoparticles of silver or even copper.

How many style/colour options are there?

Currently, we offer five different styles: Bikini, Hi-Waist and Thong. All styles are available in Black. To make sure you don't miss out on new styles, ranges, and colours, sign up to our newsletter and be sure to keep up with Moonful through our website and social media channels. 

What do you mean by 'period-proof'?

Period-proof means that the lining of the underwear is designed to absorb moisture from vaginal discharge, sweats, bladder leaks, and periods, without leaking. Our underwear consists of four thin layers of protection that make this possible. 

 Top layer: moisture wicking, so that you stay fresh as a daisy. 

 Second layer: anti-microbial, keeping you squeaky clean. 

 Third layer:  absorbs moisture, so you don’t feel wet. 

 Fourth layer: leak-proof, so you're worry free.

Do Moonful panties contain organic cotton?

Yes, the innermost layer of our panties consists of certified organic cotton, very soft and breathable.

Why is Moonful period underwear so comfortable?

Moonful panties are elastic and soft and feel like your favorite underwear. At the crotch, cotton is always used as the layer next to the skin. 

Can others see that I am wearing a period panty?

Moonful period panties are designed like any other regular panties. Although period panties are slightly thicker than normal underwear, but not so thick that you can see them through your clothes

Are our panties Eco-friendly and Vegan?

Moonful panties reduce a woman's environmental impact. By choosing to wear our underwear, you'll prevent thousands of panty liners, towels and tampons from ending up in landfills or dumped in our waterways.

The average woman will use 15,000 disposable menstrual products in her lifetime, and women with incontinence may use an additional 1,000 pads per year. As long as they are cared for properly, our underwear can be used and worn for as long as ordinary underwear (on average 5 years). In our range, 75% of our clothes are made from natural fabrics such as cotton.

Our panties are also vegan, as we do not use any animal fibers in our absorbent fabrics. Loop panties can be washed with ordinary clothes in a laundry bag, avoiding hand washing and additional water waste.

Moonful period panties thus protect the environment and lets you save money at the same time.

Are Moonful undies hygienic?

Our undies are made with a patented design that neutralizes bad odors and bacteria. Plus, they are also super-absorbent and sweat-wicking to keep you fresh and dry. Yay!

What’s the difference between your Organic Cotton undies and Classic undies?

Our Organic Cotton line is built to be moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, absorbent, and leak-resistant. The big difference between these two lines is that the body of our Organic Cotton undies is made with organic cotton.

Where are Moonful Undies manufactured?

We believe in fair wages, good working conditions, a happy environment, and reasonable hours. Currently, our undies are made with love by the manufacturers with over 30 years experience.

Our undies are manufactured by our friends in China with undergo extensive audits and are ISO and BSCI approved, and also usematerials that are Oeko-tex certified, meaning they're safe to use. 

Use of undies

What is Moonful period underwear and how does it work?

Moonful period panties are briefs that absorb your menstrual blood. They either replace disposable period products or are worn in addition to tampons, sanitary napkins or menstrual cups. All panties are equipped with a multi-layered protection area, which absorbs the blood and thus optimally protects you during menstruation.

Whice size of period panty to choose?

Do not hesitate to consult the size guide of each panty, because the measurements of the waistlines differ according to the models. Also, if you are between two sizes, preferably choose the size above to feel good there during your period.

How do I know which absorbency level to purchase?

To figure out which styles of Moonful would suit you best, consider how light/medium/heavy your cycle gets throughout the week of your period. Our styles feature three levels of absorbency that range from lightest to Super, represented by a number of droplets. For example: During the heaviest days of your period, our Super absorbency holds the equivalent of 3 tampons’ worth of blood, and for those just-in-case days at the end of your cycle, our lightest absorbency styles can absorb up to 1/2 tampon worth.

What is the absorption capacity of hygienice panties?

The absorbency of femtis period panties varies depending on the model: from 1 tampon (5 ml) to 3 tampons (15 ml) worth. It depends on our products. If you refer to the product description, you will find the absorption capacity in equivalence in buffers.

How long can I wear my panties?

If you have a light to normal flow, you can wear your period panties all day, up to 12 hours day or night, without risk of leaks. The hygienic panties can be used as main protection or in addition to a tampon or a cup if you have a very heavy flow and you are afraid of leaks.

Can we wear my panties at night?

Yes, all of our period  panties  can be worn at night, as the absorbent rises to the top for safe sleep. We recommend in particular the High Waist brief with its super comfortable and super absorbent enveloping shape!

Are Moonful a replacement for my current routine?

Depending on your flow (light, moderate, heavy), Moonful can replace liners, pads, tampons, and cups, or be worn with tampons or cups for extra protection. Each style page details the amount that pair can hold.

Can Moonful period underwear be used with period products or menstrual cups?

Of course, you can use Moonful panties in combination with tampons, pads, etc. or menstrual cups, but Moonful pariod panties offer reliable protection even without disposable period products.

How many times can you reuse sanitary panties?

Moonful sanitary briefs last between 2 to 5 years, depending on how often the panty is worn, how you wash it and how well you care for it. Note that underwear is considered a delicate product, so the elastic and thread can be damaged by natural wear and washing.

We therefore recommend a washing net to keep your panties hygienic as long as possible. Although wear may appear, it does not affect the effectiveness of the technology built into your period underwear.

How many panties do I need?

We recommend 3 to 5 period underwear, this will allow you to be able to cover your entire cycle and to roll over when washing / drying.

If you've never tried period panties, try our Paris model. We promise you will adopt it quickly!

When to wear my period panties?

At any point in your cycle!

For example :

To prevent the onset of menstruation or at the end of the cycle

For use alone during the day or at night

In addition to your usual hygienic protection

To play sports or any other activity.

Can I use thinx postpartum?

Many new moms love using Moonful in the weeks after giving birth, and when their periods start to return. The moms in our office recommend our High Waist in our Super absorbency.

Can I also wear period underwear for incontinence or light bladder leakage?

Yes, Moonful panties are also suitable for light bladder leakage and incontinence.

Maintenance of undies

How to wash your period panties?

First of all, we recommend washing your panties before using them for the first time in order to stimulate their absorption capacity.

Simply rinse it with cold water and then machine it at 30 ° C in a washing bag. The panties can be washed with the rest of your laundry without problem.

To keep your panties long-lasting, it is best to protect them in a washing bag, not to use fabric softeners, stain removers and not to put the panties in the dryer.

You can perfectly wash your panties by hand in cold water with a mild soap. However, we recommend that you machine wash your panties once per cycle for a deeper cleaning of the fibers.

 I washed my panties with fabric softener, what to do?

This is not a big deal, but it may be less absorbent, as the components of it attach to the fleece and saturate the fibers. You will need to rewash it once or twice in the machine to remove the fabric softener.

Also, we invite you to still try to wear it at the end of the cycle when your flow is less abundant to get an idea.

My panties accidentally went through the dryer, is it serious?

You should also follow certain washing instructions, such as not washing too hot or using a dryer, as the waterproof part of the panties could deteriorate and risk leaking.

What detergent should be used to thoroughly clean period panties? 

Most commercial laundry detergents do the trick. Be careful with homemade detergents if they are very concentrated in fatty agents (Marseille, black, Aleppo soap, essential oils, etc.) because this can saturate the absorbent fibers

Period facts 

What are people most concerned for people on their periods?

When we asked our community—made up of fabulous people like you!—they said their biggest concerns when it comes to periods are leaks and leak-anxiety (aka, having the right products to feel fresh, dry, and ready to do the damn thang).

How much blood do women lose, on average, per period?

Most women experience a blood flow between 10-80 ml during one cycle, and the average amount of blood that a woman’s body expels during her menstruation is 35 ml. That is about 2 – 3 tablespoons (42ml) or 6 teaspoons (30ml). While that is the average, women have given varying reports from just a spot to over two cups (540ml!) in one menstruation. Every body is different, and that's why we like to say: go with the *your* flow.

What is period poverty?

Period poverty’ refers to having a lack of access to sanitary products due to financial constraints - something that many of us are lucky enough to probably take for granted. Women and girls in third world countries are greatly affected, however, this is also affecting girls right on our doorstep and having a serious affect on education, health and life in general for thousands of girls in the UK.

How many people withe periods have leaks when on their flow?

9 out of 10 women in the UK have experienced leaks and accidents during their period, through bladder leaks and light incontinence. 

How many disposable menstrual hygiene products does a person with a period use?

Facts: More than 12 *billion* pads and tampons are thrown out every year, and the average person with a period uses 11,000 pads, tampons, and panty liners in their lifetime — that’s a lot of landfill!

What happen to disposable period products when they’re thrown out?

It takes 6 months for a tampon to biodegrade, and pads and applicators sit in landfills for centuries!

How can I reduce my impact on the planet with the period products I choose?

We found that 97% of people with periods are willing to try products that are kinder to Mother Nature — so you’re in good company! It’s important to use whatever works best for *you*, but if you want to start reducing your impact, try reusable products.

Does it smell bad? 

Periods are NOT just blood… it's also bacteria (the ones that make up your vaginal flora) and endometrial fragments.

The odor, more or less strong, comes mainly from the bacteria of the vagina, its pH which varies, the lack of ventilation and especially chemicals that can be found in some disposable protections.

This is why we have designed our panties from natural fibers, with breathable and antibacterial properties, and thus, stop odors.

Order, Payment, Shipping and Return

What currency do you accept?

We accept nearly all local currencies. You'll have the option of checking out in USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, or British Pounds. The currency should automatically change based on your location!

What are the accepted payment methods and is it secure? 

On our site, you can pay by credit card (visa, mastercard, american express…) or via your Paypal account.

We take the risk of fraud very seriously. We have an "SSL certificate" which allows you to secure all payment transactions, data transfer and connection information such as your username or password.

Finally, we have set up the “3D secure” system: you will have to validate all your purchases with a code that you will receive on your phone.

How long will it take to receive my underwear after placing an order?

Deliveries are made by Colissimo (without signature) with delivery of the parcel in a standardized letterbox. Delivery times vary between 2 and 15 working days PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current situation of Cocid-19, delivery times may be exceptionally extended. We apologize in advance. 

I've just placed an order, but need to make a change. What do I do?

Orders are processed pretty quickly, but we will do our best to make any changes. The best way to request to modify or cancel an order, is to send us an email as soon as possible at:

What is your return policy? 

Delivery is free for all purchases.

Once your order has been shipped, we'll give you the tracking number for your package so you can track it!

What is your return policy? 

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the underwear, you can return or exchange unused items within 30 days. If you have received a faulty pair, please get in touch via email and we will be happy to resolve this for you!

We recommend that you make a return with a tracking number to ensure receipt of it.

The return of your order will be at your expense except in the event of an error on our part.

Please note that items whose label has been cut cannot be returned.

The Product must be returned in its original condition, new, unworn, unwashed, accompanied by the delivery note and / or the order form to certify that it is indeed a product purchased via the Site. Internet. 

Can I order internationally?

Of course! Moonful Undies was made for women all around the world.

I still have not received my order 

If you haven't received a shipping confirmation email yet, your order is in preparation and will be shipped soon.

If you have received an email confirming the shipment of your order, it takes a maximum of 30 days (from the date of receipt of the shipment email).

If this period is exceeded, the order is considered lost.

In this case, send us an email declaring your order as lost.

If I made the wrong size or model, can I have my panty(s) replaced?

If you want to return one or more products. All you have to do is contact us using the  contact form within 15 days of receiving your order, specifying your name, first name, order number, as well as the reason for the return. We will get back to you by email as soon as possible.

A return label will be sent to you free of charge by email to return the desired products to us. Only panties not worn and in their original packaging can be reimbursed.

Upon receipt of your return, the full amount of the paid panties will then be refunded to your bank account (or Paypal) within 5 to 15 working days.

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